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Rocafella - Jaz-Ho

"Jaz-Ho" is extremely ironic in retrospect. The biggest insults hurled at Jay-Z’s former mentor were ones about his age, and nowadays Jay hears much of the same. Even more ironic is that back in 2003 the Rocafella goons had Jaz-O’s age pegged at "almost 45" and "40 years old" kinda like how Cam’ron called Shawn Carter a 37 and 42 year old in the same breath on "You Gotta Love It."

Another thing about this song is that Jay-Z doesn’t abide by the “you only get half a bar” limit and hits him with two bars (which amusingly includes yet another riff on a Biggie line). Freeway, Geda K, Young Chris, and Memphis Bleek take turns over Styles P’s “I Get High” beat attacking the man that once had Jay-Z suspended by a wire, and Free drops the gem “you like the beer Caine dropped in Menace, 40 and broke.” 

In between verses, Jay does childish things like calling Jaz “Johnny” and sarcastically tells listeners to pick up the veteran’s album Kingz Kounty. Finally, Memphis Bleek ends the slander session and provides the last two ironic moments when he says "you wearing sandals what’s your plans, pa?" and remarks that Jaz is “looking flabby and sick.” If only they knew. I almost know the entire song by heart, and it’s absurd that we don’t have a slew of grown men settling their differences by hurling insults over records anymore. 

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